Our Services

We offer ac and ac duct cleaning, Dubai municipality approved water tank cleaning and home sanitization & disinfection services.

AC Duct Cleaning

In the UAE you live with the AC System constantly. It's for all intents and purposes your second set of lungs. It gives you the air your breath and that is the reason, it is vital to keep your AC system clean consistently.

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Water Tank Cleaning

Water tank cleaning in Dubai is an extremely important part of water hygiene because of high temperature. Poorly managed and neglected water tanks can be the perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria.

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Home Sanitization & Disinfection

You may have a spotless house but did you know that you are currently sharing your bed with millions of dust mites, bed bugs, mold, bacteria and viruses that greedily make use of your mattress as a reproduction haven?

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Mattress & Sofa Cleaning

Your mattresses are breeding grounds for bacteria and fungus due to the accumulation of dust mites, bed bugs, hair strands, body sweat and dead skin cells -- all hidden from the naked eye but extremely threatening.

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Bio Disinfection

Air conditioning systems have appeared to go about as a gathering hotspot for an assortment of contaminants that can possibly influence well-being, for instance, mold, fungi, microorganisms, and little particles of dust.

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Complimentary Assessment

We begin by directing an extensive complimentary assessment to establish the issue with your air condition system alongside other essential parts. A consultation is reserved at your convenient timing.

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